Is Critics Helpful?

It doesn’t matter which market you serve, or how good your product is, if you’re playing the game (of business), sooner or later you’ll have to face criticism.

The market sometimes can be harsh, and unfair.

As an entrepreneur, we need to understand that criticism is unavoidable.

We Can’t Serve Everyone

Most wantrepreneur thinks they are the best, and want to focus on converting everyone into their customers, and become the next unicorn.

But that’s just wishful thinking.

(which is also why they are called “Wantrepreneur”)

It’s important for us to realize that we can’t serve everyone.

We are not in the business of converting everyone to our customers.

In fact, we shouldn’t even try to do that.

Pleasing everyone is an expensive business.

When we try to please everyone, we bend, we turned, we undercut, we end up becoming mediocre, and just another “Me Too” product.

Worst, we ignored, and alienated the people who actually need our product or service

Ignore the Haters

Regardless of how great your product is, there will always be a group of people that will hate it for no reason whatsoever.

The haters are never going to like you.

Attempting to turn them info fans is a fool’s game.

Just look at the history of human being, visionaries like Galileo, Tesla suffered immense amount of unfair criticism for being forward thinking.

Yet, they don’t let the criticism defines who they are, and keep producing their best work which continue to create positive impact to the scientific community even long after they’re gone.

Most haters are spectators, and not players.

The best players in the world of sport, like Messi, Lebron James, Lee Chong Wei don’t take advice or feedback from spectators.

You shouldn’t too.

Most haters are losers. They failed at life – so they want you to fail as well.

Nothing wreck haters more than seeing you succeed despite their endless criticism.

The best you can do is do your best, act with integrity, and let it go.

Sooner or later, the haters will move on, and find someone else to hate.

Listen To The Right People

Here’s the kicker:

Out of 7 billions around the world, our target market are most likely less than 0.01%.

There are 99.99% chance that the first person we approach disliked our product or service.

If we give up now, we would be walking away from the people who actually need us.

We shouldn’t changed or redesigned our product just because the first feedback we received is a bad one.

It’s important to identify who are the right people.

It’s also important to realize who wasn’t.

Go after the wrong audience can be devastating.

Critics That Really Matter

Not all criticism are bad – some you really should listen, especially if they are your biggest customer.

Figuring out which group of people is worth paying attention to as you building your business.

If you listen to the right audience, delight them, and you’ll have super-fans too.