What I Learned From Seth Godin Last Week [2021W43]

This series is about Seth's most important ideas as compiled from his blog last week.

I'm a HUGE fan of Seth Godin's work. His blog, books, talks, and ideas are all gold for anyone who does anything creative or entrepreneurial.

This series is about Seth's most important ideas as compiled from his blog last week. I don't think you can learn too much about marketing, creativity, and life lessons from Seth.

Hope it helps you.

Customer service is free

(Posted on 25th October 2021)

Seth compares customer service to the way infection spreads. 

He says that if someone has a bad experience with your company, they will tell other people about this company’s bad experiences using social media. 

He also says that you need to hire people who are inclined to be empathic and kind. 

People who are inclined to be empathic will understand what other people are going through when they have a problem with your company, while people who are kind will try their best to solve the problems of other people in a way that makes them feel good about choosing your company in the future.

Seth also compares customer service to business advertising. 

He believes that if you do not provide good customer service, people will not choose your business again in the future. 

He believes that good customer service is free because if you provide good customer service to your customers, they will choose to tell other people about the good experiences that they had with your business, which means that more and more people will choose your business in the future.


(Posted on 26th October 2021)

This post describes that we work hard and suffer in order to get what we want and deserve. This means that we become entitled because of everything that we went through and all of the effort that we did. However, Seth states that even though we are entitled, it does not matter because feeling entitled is useless and can even be a problem.

Seth says that no one will listen to us if we think that they should listen to us just because we feel like they should listen to us. We also won’t get what we want if people know how entitled we are.

Effort toward quality

(Posted on 27th October 2021)

Seth encourages us to think about what is happening at the root of a problem. We should ask ourselves why the problem persists, not who isn’t trying hard enough. 

Seth believes that focusing on effort will ensure that our quality problems will persist, because everyone will try harder in order to solve them. 

However, he also believes that focusing only on effort might be counterproductive if it leads us to ignore other important aspects of the system. 

He provides an example of how Lexus workers aren’t more exhausted than their colleagues at Cadillac because they are working harder, but because they are working smarter or faster or better than others in their industry or company or job.

Fill before empty

(Posted on 28th October 2021)

Seth compares batteries with people’s lives. 

People have a limited amount of money they can spend each day, so they should try and save some money so that they can use it for something important later on in life. 

Seth thinks that it is better to have a lot of money than try and save as much as possible because if you don't have enough money then you can't do anything with it. 

He thinks that if we have enough money saved up then we will be able to buy whatever we want without having a problem getting the money from somewhere else.

The point of maximum leverage

(Posted on 29th October 2021)

In this post, Seth is trying to encourage us to focus on the most important things in life. 

He believes that it is possible to improve our lives by focusing on the most important things. 

He believes that we should be clear about where our leverage points are, so that we can work on improving these points instead of wasting time on unimportant things.

The simple but difficult marketing flip

(Posted on 30th October 2021)

Seth is describing a marketing technique that should be used by marketers who wanted to sell his idea without telling their potential customers what they would buy. 

Instead of telling customers why they need to buy their product, marketers should listen carefully to their customers and try to understand what their customers really want first.

New problems, old problems

(Posted on 31st October 2021)

We can use this post to help us with our problems in life. 

Seth tells us that most of the problems we face are things we have already faced before, but it doesn’t tell us exactly how to solve them. It tells us that if we recognize that there is a problem, then the hard work is deciding whether it needs new thinking or just clear awareness. 

If we decide that there isn’t much else to do except try something new, then the challenge becomes one of working towards solving interesting problems instead of just repeating old ones.

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