What I Learned From Seth Godin Last Week [2021W44]

This series is about Seth's most important ideas as compiled from his blog last week.

I'm a HUGE fan of Seth Godin's work. His blog, books, talks, and ideas are all gold for anyone who does anything creative or entrepreneurial.

This series is about Seth's most important ideas as compiled from his blog last week. I don't think you can learn too much about marketing, creativity, and life lessons from Seth.

Hope it helps you.

“You’re either with us or against us”

(Posted on 31st October 2021)

Seth believes that only about 50% of people are really on one side or the other of most issues, but most people are not truly committed to anything. 

He believes that most people are passive individuals who are either unaware or unconcerned about any particular issue. 

Seth suggests that many issues could be solved by creating a path where some of the inactive decide to join you in your cause. 

Many people make demands on others to join them, but this is rarely effective because they often push their views onto others without cooperation from those others.

Seth believes that pressuring people into joining your cause without their consent will result in poor results because they likely will not have joined you with good intentions.

Leadership is a choice

(Posted on 1st November 2021)

Leadership is a choice. Leadership isn’t just about being an “expert” in something, but being an “expert” in life. It is about having the awareness to know what your priorities are based on the skills you acquire throughout life, and then choosing to put those skills into action when you face a situation in which you need them (and when they don’t feel like the right thing to do). 

I think that this post tells us that leadership is not only about leading others towards certain goals or ideas, but also about leading yourself towards your own goals and ideas.

The next big idea

(Posted on 3rd November 2021)

Seth believes that we should stop thinking about the next big idea as something completely new and original, but as something that can help us solve a problem or make an existing thing better. 

He believes that we should look for ideas and solutions which already exist in some way or another. 

Seth also believes that it is more difficult to be a leader than to follow someone else’s idea because it is harder to be the first one rather than second, third or fourth.

Who will criticize your dreams?

(Posted on 4th November 2021)

We can learn that the world is full of many different kinds of dreams. Some dreams are tactical, some are strategic. 

We need all kinds of help to figure out what kind of dream we’re pursuing by talking about it with people who care about us and who might be able to give useful feedback and advice on how to pursue this dream in a way that will make us feel better. 

The more we talk about our dreams, the more likely it is that they will become more specific and tactical instead of becoming vague or strategic.

Truth is elusive, but it isn’t evasive

(Posted on 5th November 2021)

One way to tell if something is meaningful is to determine if there are opposing sides. If there are, then it’s not a meaningful story. In the case of aliens, there are many reasons why we might be able to see them as a possibility for existence. But the existence of those reasons doesn’t mean that they exist. There could be an alien race, but the evidence is insufficient to prove that they have visited us or that they have a secret base on Mars or wherever else they come from.

In this post, Seth claims that some UFOs and other conspiracies evade being falsifiable through their changing stories and excuses given by those who believe in them.

What’s the appropriate resolution?

(Posted on 6th November 2021)

We can compare this situation with humans who have many choices in any moment of their lives. They could do anything they want to do, but some choices are better than others. We often choose things without thinking about them carefully, just like the microwave button that only allows the user to add one minute to the time of cooking. This is called habit.

Seth recommends that we should ask ourselves if we really want something or if we are doing it because it is our habit or because everyone else does it. 

He believes that we should try and think about what we really want in our lives and in each moment and then choose carefully and wisely based on what we really want.

Kinds of projects

(Posted on 7th November 2021)

From this post, we can learn that products are not the only things that can be made. Projects can also be made. 

Project is an abstract concept that is used to describe activities that involve cooperation and coordination between people for a specified goal. 

We can compare projects with products or organizations, because while projects may not always produce profit, they still produce values for their members and society. 

So we can compare projects to products or organizations because while both of them may be important to us, they are different in some ways. 

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